TL;DR 003

We're back. After a long hiatus, its time to dig into our favorite bits and articles from the week( 10/3/16 ).


A neat set of CSS only and text-based spinners. The design goal here is to mimic command line spinners. I love the approach, may not be the most practical spinner design for you...

Grid Layout is a bleeding edge css feature which will allow us to layout our templates in an expressive and logical way. Support isn't great as it doesn't work in Safari 10, but we can probably expect browser vendors to provide support for CSS Grid layout soon.

You've probably heard of CSS element-queries which allow you to set styles on a style depending on the elements dimensions. But now there is the notion of Component Queries which allows you to keep you CSS modular and clean.


This is an old article from Dan Abramov in which he schools us on the concept of "Container" and "Presentational" components. This is an article I often go back to. Save this as a React reference document.

Another must read from our fried Dan Abramov. Dan tells us that we may not need Redux or React. Many times we find ourselves over complicating our application architecture to keep us with the latest and greatest trends. Dan assures us that its okay not to use Redux unless we really need it.

Rems actually made his own TL;DR, so here it is:
There's a tonne of resources out there, but it's really hard to be sure where to start since there's so many resources and tutorials.
If you're curious, try to focus on React first, ignore the extra flux, redux, donaldux etc extra bits.
JSX isn't so bad (and made coding components faster), once I got over myself.
It all just feels a bit simplistic (at this stage), effectively it feels like a simple state machine and it reminded me of Doug Neiner's Machina.js talk.

A gallery of apps that were made with React or React Native. A great learning resource since all of the featured products have the github page as well.


This is fun. A designer reimagined all of our favorite apps were NFL teams. Check out these uniform designs.

Do you need some beautiful SVG patterns for your Hero sections?


Tiny is an awesome screenshot tool that will change your life instantly. It's intelligent enough to understand what application you are taking a screenshot of and properly labels it. Genius. I've installed and you should too.

Subform is Kickstarter based new design tool inspired by CAD applications. I hope this product comes to full fruition. Would love to dabble with this.